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Figure 3 | Cell Division

Figure 3

From: Disjunction of conjoined twins: Cdk1, Cdh1 and separation of centrosomes

Figure 3

The Spindle Pole Body (SPB) Duplication Cycle. (a) During G1 (prior to START), the distal end of the half-bridge (red) of the mother SPB (green) acquires a satellite (blue oval). (b) As cells traverse START, the satellite enlarges to form the daughter SPB (blue rectangle). (c) At late S phase, the bridge is severed and (d) the SPBs move apart to form a short spindle. (e) During mitosis, the spindle poles move further apart as the spindle elongates. (f) At the end of the cycle after spindle disassembly, each cell acquires a SPB.

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