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Figure 3 | Cell Division

Figure 3

From: The yeast ubiquitin ligase SCFMet30: connecting environmental and intracellular conditions to cell division

Figure 3

Cadmium-induced regulation of SCFMet30. Cadmium leads to dissociation of Met30 from the SCF-core by preventing the Met30/Skp1 interaction and blocks Met4 ubiquitination. The resulting activation of Met4 induces synthesis of sulfur amino acids and glutathione as well as a process called isozyme switching, which is part of the sulfur sparing response. Cadmium also leads to activation of three independent cell cycle arrest pathways. The Met4/Met32-dependend and the Mec1/Rad53-dependent pathways, as well as one so far unidentified pathway, which was indicated by genetic results.

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