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Figure 1

From: Tying the loose ends together in DNA double strand break repair with 53BP1

Figure 1

Human 53BP1 is composed of 1,972 amino acids and contains several noteworthy structural features as discussed throughout the text. p53 binds to the N-terminal BRCT motif and linker sequence of 53BP1. 53BP1 possesses numerous PIK phosphorylation sites (S/TQ) and is phosphorylated on serine residues 25 and 29 in vivo. Like BRCA1 and Mdc1 and the yeast Rad9 and Crb2 proteins, 53BP1 possesses two repeating C-terminal BRCT motifs. In addition, 53BP1 contains a tandem tudor domain, a stretch rich in glycine and arginine residues (1396–1403) that is methylated by the PRMT1 arginine methyltransferase in vivo and in vitro, LC8 binding sites and two potential KEN boxes (aa 54–60 and 85–91), sequences known to interact with the anaphase promoting complex (APC).

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