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Table 1 Yeast strains used in this study

From: Yeast UBL-UBA proteins have partially redundant functions in cell cycle control

1167 MATalpha pds1–128
1494 pds1–128 GAL-ddi1ΔUBA [HIS]
1493 pds1–128 GAL-DDI1 [HIS]
1671 MATa bar1Δ GFP:TUB1::uRA3 ARG4
2073 MATalpha pds1–128 GAL-ddi1-A407L
2074 MATalpha pds1–128 GAL-ddi1-L426A
L153 MATalpha pds1–128 arg 4 GAL:ddi1Δ184–285
L156 MATalpha pds1–128 arg 4 GAL:ddi1Δ184–285
L150 MATalpha pds1–128 arg 4 GAL:DDI1 [LEU]
L169 MATa bar1Δ spc42:GFP [TRP]
L182 MATa bar1Δ dsk2::KAN spc42:GFP [TRP]
L185 MATa bar1Δ rad23::KAN dsk2::KAN SPC42:GFP [TRP]
L187 MATa bar1Δ ddi1::KAN dsk2::KAN SPC42:GFP [TRP]
L194 MATa bar1Δ rad23::KAN SPC42:GFP [TRP]
L196 MATa bar1Δ ddi1::KAN rad23::KAN SPC42:GFP [TRP]
L201 MATa bar1Δ ddi1::KAN rad23::KAN dsk2::KAN TUB1:GFP [URA]
L218 MATa bar1Δ ddi1::KAN dsk2::KAN rad23::KAN SPC42:GFP [TRP]
L221 MATa bar1Δ ddi1::KAN SPC42:GFP [TRP]
L263 MATa bar1Δ ddi1::KAN dsk2::KAN TUB1:GFP::URA3 RAD23ΔUBA2-MYC [TRP] SPC42:GFP [TRP]