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Table 1 CDKs and regulatory proteins encoded by the C. elegans genome

From: Cyclin-dependent kinases in C. elegans

Protein C. elegans homolog Function
  Protein name Cosmid name  
CDK1 CDK-1 T05G5.3 Entry into mitosis(e) [25]
CDK2 - K03E5.3 S phase entry/progression(p)
CDK4/CDK6 CDK-4 F18H3.5 G1/S progression(e) [64, 100]
CDK5 CDK-5 T27E9.3 Neuronal development/functioning(p)
CDK7 CDK-7 Y39G10AL.3 CDK activating kinase, RNA pol II phosphorylation(e) [81]
CDK8 CDK-8 F39H11.3 Transcriptional regulation(p)
CDK9 CDK-9 H25P06.2 RNA pol II phosphorylation(e) [82]
Cyclin A CYA-1 ZK507.6 CDK-1/CDK-2 partner(p)
  CYA-2 F59H6.7 CDK-1/CDK-2 partner(p)
Cyclin B CYB-1 ZC168.4 CDK-1 partner(e) [31]
  CYB-2.1 Y43E12A.1 CDK-1 partner(p)
  CYB-2.2 H31G24.4 CDK-1 partner(p)
Cyclin B3 CYB-3 T06E6.2 CDK-1 partner(e) [31]
Cyclin C CIC-1 H14E04.5 CDK-8 partner(p)
Cyclin D CYD-1 Y38F1A.5 CDK-4 partner(e) [64]
Cyclin E CYE-1 C37A2.4 CDK-2 partner(p)
Cyclin H CYH-1 Y49F6B.1 CDK-7 partner(p)
Cyclin T CIT-1.1 F44B9.4 CDK-9 partner(p)
  CIT-1.2 F44B9.3 CDK-9 partner(p)
p35 CDKA-1 T23F11.3 CDK-5 activating subunit(p)
Cip/Kip CKI-1 T05A6.1 Negative regulator of G1 progression, likely through inhibition of CDK-2(e) [70]
  CKI-2 T05A6.2 Unknown
Wee1/Myt1 WEE-1.1 F35H8.7 Negative regulator of CDK-1(p)
  WEE-1.3 Y53C12A.1 Negative regulation of meiotic progression, likely through CDK-1 phosphorylation(e) [32]
Cdc25 CDC-25.1 K06A5.7 Dephosphorylation of inhibitory CDK residues(p)
  CDC-25.2 F16B4.8 Dephosphorylation of inhibitory CDK residues(p)
  CDC-25.3 ZK637.11 Dephosphorylation of inhibitory CDK residues(p)
  CDC-25.4 R05H5.2 Dephosphorylation of inhibitory CDK residues(p)
CKS1 DOM-6 C09G4.3 Required for exit from meiosis and mitosis(e) [97]
  1. C. elegans homologs of mammalian CDKs for with established functions, their predicted cyclin partners, and several key regulators of CDK activity.
  2. (e) function experimentally determined in C. elegans
  3. (p) function predicted based on homologs in other organisms