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Figure 3 | Cell Division

Figure 3

From: Meiosis specific coiled-coil proteins in Shizosaccharomyces pombe

Figure 3

Schematic representation of the typical subcellular localization of meiosis specific coiled-coil proteins. (A) Tht1 is detected at the nuclear envelope (NE) and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) during karyogamy. (B) Mcp6/Hrs1, Meu13-Mcp7 and Mcp5/Num1 localize to SPB, chromatin and cell cortex, respectively. Dhc1 and Ssm4 localize to SPB microtubule and cell cortex. (C) Sgo1 localizes to centromeres and protects the centromeric cohesin from degradation during anaphase I. (D) Meu14 forms a ring-shaped structure at the aperture of fore spore membrane (FSM) during the sporulation process. Mcp4 also forms a ring and is localized between Meu14 and nucleus.

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