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Figure 3

From: Reconstruction of the kinetochore: a prelude to meiosis

Figure 3

Dynamics of centromere proteins during meiosis. (A) S.pombe centromere protein complexes. Three major complexes are located at the inner centromere region during mitosis. The NMS complex consists of the Ndc80 complex (Ndc80, Nuf2, Spc24, and Spc25), the Mis12 complex (Mis12, Mis13, Mis14, and Nnf1), and Spc7. The Ndc80 complex and the DASH complex are required for kinetochore-microtubule attachment in mitosis. The DASH complex, forming a ring structure, binds to and slides along the spindle microtubules. In mitotic interphase, the DASH complex does not localize to the centromere region. (B) Reassembly of centromere proteins during meiotic prophase. In early meiotic prophase, the NMS and DASH complex proteins are dissociated from the centromere while the Mis6 complex remains. Meiosis-specific cohesin Rec8 and the Rec8-associated protein Moa1 are recruited during meiotic DNA replication. In late meiotic prophase, Sgo1 and NMS complex proteins are assembled onto the centromere. Finally, DASH complex associates with the centromere upon metaphase I.

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