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Table 1 Cdt1 degradation directed by CUL4-DDB1CDT2 and SCFSkp2 in different species.

From: Cdt1 degradation to prevent DNA re-replication: conserved and non-conserved pathways

  Degradation of Cdt1 by
Species CUL4-DDB1 CDT2 SCF Skp2
Human Yes Yes
Mice Yes (No?)a
Frogs Yes No
Flies Yes ?b
Nematodes Yes No
Fission yeast Yes Noc
  1. a Available evidence suggests that SCFSkp2 does not direct Cdt1 degradation in mice, however direct experiments have not been performed (see text).
  2. b No published studies have addressed the role of Skp2 in Drosophila.
  3. c Fission yeast lack a recognizable Skp2 homolog.
  4. See text for references and discussion.