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Figure 7 | Cell Division

Figure 7

From: Complement susceptibility in glutamine deprived breast cancer cells

Figure 7

Percent Lysis following Glutamine Synchronization and Neutralization of CD59. Treatment groups were prepared as outlined for unsynchronized, glutamine deprived and glutamine restored populations of Bcap37 and MCF7 cells. Cells were sensitized with 20 μg of rabbit polyclonal antibody to β2-microglobulin and subjected to 25% fresh normal human serum (NHS) in combination with 20 μg of YTH53.1 rat monoclonal antibody to CD59. After 4 hours of incubation with NHS at 37°C, supernatants were collected and tested for LDH activity to determine percent lysis. Please note the increase in percent lysis for both cell lines as compared to Figure 6.

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