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Figure 2

From: How eggs arrest at metaphase II: MPF stabilisation plus APC/C inhibition equals Cytostatic Factor

Figure 2

Model of the regulation of MetII arrest in mammalian eggs. High MPF activity is essential for MetII arrest and may be maintained via separate pathways; direct inhibition of the APC/C, and direct stabilization of MPF. The pathway which involves Emi2-mediated CSF arrest is shown in solid lines. In mouse eggs, the c-Mos pathway is not mediated by p90rsk, so its downstream targets remain obscure (dashed lines), but potential target points are shown as either inhibition of the APC/C or inhibition of Emi2 degradation. MPF activity may negatively regulate the c-Mos pathway, as based on studies from frog [94]. See text for further details.

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