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Figure 5 | Cell Division

Figure 5

From: Genetic analysis of the spindle checkpoint genes san-1, mdf-2, bub-3 and the CENP-F homologues hcp-1 and hcp-2 in Caenorhabditis elegans

Figure 5

The san-1(ok1580);hcp-1(RNAi) embryos contain blastomeres with abnormal chromosomes. The Phos H3 antibody recognizes the phosphorylated form of Histone H3 specific for mitotic cells (prophase to anaphase) and the mAb414 recognizes the nuclear pore complex. Images were collected using a spinning disc confocal microscope. The arrows point to abnormal mitotic nuclei. Arrowhead points to a metaphase blastomere that display aggregates recognized by mAb414 in a metaphase blastomere. M denotes metaphase blastomeres. Two typical san-1(ok1580);hcp-1(RNAi) embryos are shown. Images depict a single focal plane. Bar = 10 μm.

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