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Figure 1

From: Stat3: linking inflammation to epithelial cancer - more than a "gut" feeling?

Figure 1

Hematopoietic cell infiltration and STAT3 hyperactivation in gastrointestinal tumours. (A) Haematopoietic cell infiltration (green) in gastric tumours of gp130Y757F mutant mice visualized following adoptive transfer of bone marrow from GFP-transgenic mice. Metaplastic gastric epithelium is visualized following antibody binding to the intestine-specific epithelial cells surface marker gpA33 (red) [164]. (B) Immunohistological stain for activated STAT3 in sections of spontaneous arising gastric and CAC-induced colonic adenomas in gp130Y757F mutant mice, and from human gastric and colonic adenocarcinomas using an antibody directed against tyrosine phosphorylated STAT3.

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