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Figure 4 | Cell Division

Figure 4

From: A software solution for recording circadian oscillator features in time-lapse live cell microscopy

Figure 4

Circadian fluorescence pattern and cell motility quantification in NIH3T3 Rev-VNP cells by CGE. Time lapse microscopy movies with NIH3T3 Rev-VNP cells were performed and analyzed using CGE ImageJ plugin. A. Circadian fluorescence profiles of 50 individual cell nuclei. Period length was calculated as time span between two fluorescence peaks of individual cells after the dexamethasone shock: mean = 25.14 h, SD = 1.56 h, n = 50. B. Period length distribution. Normal distribution was observed, similar to Nagoshi et al., 2004. C. Circadian expression of Reverba-luciferase in NIH3T3 fibroblasts measured in the Actimetrics lumicycler. Period length from 3 experimental repeats was 25.45 h ± 1.82 h. D. Correlation of cell size and cell circadian phase/period length in NIH3T3 Rev-VNP fibroblasts transduced with LTAg SV40. E. Correlation of cell motility, cell division and cell circadian phase. F. Cell cycle analysis in NIH3T3 cells transiently expressing RFP-DNAI ligase.

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