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Figure 1

From: Coupling histone homeostasis to centromere integrity via the ubiquitin-proteasome system

Figure 1

Ams2 is a cell cycle-regulated GATA type transcription factor. (A) Schematic structure of Ams2. Structural domains homologous to Daxx (green), amino acid stretches rich in arginine and lysine (magenta) and zinc finger motif (blue) are depicted. Amino acid residues surrounding the phosphorylation sites (asterisks) (which are mutated to alanine in M2 and M3 mutants) and CDK phosphorylation consensus motifs (underlined) are also shown. (B) Fluctuation of Ams2 protein levels during the cell cycle. Wild-type cells were synchronised by centrifugal elutriation. The protein or RNA samples collected every 15 min were assayed by western (anti-Ams2, Ams2 W.B) or northern blotting (histone H4, Histone N.B).

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