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Figure 3 | Cell Division

Figure 3

From: Monitoring spindle orientation: Spindle position checkpoint in charge

Figure 3

Localization of SPOC and MEN proteins. Localization of indicated SPOC and MEN proteins are shown in different phases of mitosis; metaphase, anaphase and telophase. Bfa1-Bub2 and Tem1 mainly localize at the dSPB (see the text for details) [10, 87, 88]. Cdc15 is recruited to both SPBs during late anaphase and relocates to the bud neck in late telophase [91, 92, 96, 160]. Dbf2-Mob1 localizes on both SPBs during anaphase and accumulates at the bud neck in telophase concomitant with a decrease in the SPB localization [44, 91, 93]. Dbf2-Mob1 was also shown to be localized in the nucleus at late anaphase [45, 46]. Cdc5 localizes to both SPBs and translocates to the bud neck in telophase [61, 90, 94, 95]. Lte1 localizes to the bud-cortex and -cytoplasm in S, G1 and M phases. However, in telophase, shortly before cytokinesis Lte1 dissociates from the bud cortex, diffusing into the cytoplasm of the daughter and mother cells equally [10, 88]. Kin4 localizes to the mother cell cortex throughout the cell cycle and to the mSPB in anaphase for a short time, and accumulates at the bud neck in telophase [53, 82, 83, 106]. Elm1 localizes to the bud neck in mitosis but dissociates from there during telophase [111, 117]. PP2A regulatory subunit Rts1 and Cdc14 are not depicted in the figure for simplicity. Rts1 localizes in the nucleus, bud neck and kinetochores [161]. Cdc14 is sequestered in the nucleolus, and released into the nucleus and cytoplasm in anaphase [19, 20]. Cdc14 also associates with the SPBs in early anaphase and with the bud neck in late anaphase [25, 58, 89, 162].

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