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Figure 6 | Cell Division

Figure 6

From: Self-organization of intracellular gradients during mitosis

Figure 6

Localization-catalysis coupling of RCC1 self-organizes the Ran-GTP gradient around chromatin. (A), Binding of substrate (Ran-GDP) to RCC1 causes a conformational change in the N-terminal tail of RCC1 to promote binding of RCC1 to chromatin [60]. Exchange of GDP for GTP promotes release of Ran and RCC1 from chromatin. (B), Ran flux at the kinetochore could promote tight association of RCC1 and the RSSU complex to the outer centromere/kinetochore region with reciprocal self-reinforcement. Localized Ran-GTP production promotes RSSU binding to the kinetochore, and local production of Ran-GDP by RSSU promotes tight association of RCC1 to chromatin.

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