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Figure 8 | Cell Division

Figure 8

From: Self-organization of intracellular gradients during mitosis

Figure 8

A gradient of H3 (S10) phosphorylation is evident during anaphase in radiated (A, B), and non-radiated HeLa cells (C). HeLa cells were treated with 8 Gray and fixed for immunofluorescence 16 hours later. Note that DNA damage does not appear to prevent Aurora B kinase activity during the first mitosis following radiation. Lagging chromosomes reveal a positional gradient of H3(S10) phosphorylation that is also evident on untreated HeLa cells. The arrow in the third panel in B indicates loss of Aurora B staining in the central-most region of the spindle midzone. Line graphs in (B) and (C) are intensity profiles through the plane indicated by the green line in figures (B) and (C). Note the peak of H3(S10) phosphorylation intensity is closer to the spindle midzone than the peak of Dapi intensity.

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