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Table 1 FRET reporters used to study intracellular mitotic gradients

From: Self-organization of intracellular gradients during mitosis

Name Probe for: Structure Reference
YRC Binding/release of Ran YFP-Ran Binding Domain-CFP Kalab [4]
YIC Binding/release of Importin Beta cargo YFP-Importin-β Binding Domain-CFP Kalab [4]
COPY Tubulin binding to Stathmin CFP-OP18/Stathmin-YFP Niethammer [1]
Alexa488-Ran Ran/Importin Beta interaction Ran-Alexa 488 Caudron [7]
Cy3-Importin-β Ran/Importin Beta interaction Importin-β-Cy3 Caudron [7]
RANGO Binding/release of Importin Beta cargo EYFP- Importin-β Binding Domain-Ceru. Kalab [2]
ABAR Aurora B activity Targeting-CFP- FHA2-Substrate-YFP Lampson et. al [3]
  1. ABAR, Aurora B activity reporter; Ceru., cerulean; CFP, cyan fluorescent protein; EYFP, enhanced yellow fluorescent protein; RANGO, Ran-regulated Importin beta cargo; YFP, yellow fluorescent protein; YIC, YFP-Importin-Beta Binding Domain-CFP; YRC, YFP-Ran Binding Domain-CFP.