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Table 1 Summary of functional differences between p107, Rb, and p130.

From: p107 in the public eye: an Rb understudy and more

Function p107 p130 Rb References
Binds to Smad3 yes no no [77]
Binds to Sp1 yes no no [91]
Binds to c-Myc yes unknown no [94, 95]
Binds to Cyclins yes yes no [51, 8386, 89, 140]
Regulates chrondrocyte development in vivo yes yes no [58, 102104, 139]
Regulates neural precursor populations through FGF and Hes1 in vivo yes no no [105, 108, 112]
Regulates cerebellar granule cell survival yes no yes [113]
Tumor suppressor weak weak yes [44, 49, 122, 123, 129, 131133, 141]