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Figure 2 | Cell Division

Figure 2

From: Mechanism of the chromosome-induced polar body extrusion in mouse eggs

Figure 2

Sequential induction of cortical cap and myosin II ring by DNA beads. (A-C) DNA beads first induced a myosin II cap (A, green, arrowhead) and an overlapping actin cap (B, red, arrowhead) at 40 min after microinjection. Shown are representative images of 17 analyzed eggs. (D-F) DNA bead-induced myosin ring formation (D, green, arrowhead) surrounding an actin cap (E, red, arrowhead) observed at 90 min after injection (observation of over 50 eggs). (G-I) DNA bead-induced myosins II cap instead of ring formation (G, green, arrowhead) after disruption of actin by Lat-A. Note in H that actin (red) is not visible after Lat-A treatment.

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