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Figure 6

From: A human cancer-predisposing polymorphism in Cdc25A is embryonic lethal in the mouse and promotes ASK-1 mediated apoptosis

Figure 6

Loss of interaction between Cdc25A S88F mutant and ASK1. A) A schematic representation showing ASK1/Cdc25A interaction leading to suppression of the ASK1 apoptotic pathway. B) Suppression of the ASK1-mediated apoptotic downstream effectors by overexpression of Cdc25A-wt but not Cdc25A S88F mutant. C) Immunoprecipitation of ASK1 using either FLAG-Cdc25A-WT or FLAG-Cdc25A-S88F shows that S88F mutant fails to interact with ASK1. ASK-1, p-SEK, p-MKK3, p-JNK and Caspase-3 antibodies were all from Santa Cruz Biotech. (Santa Cruz, CA).

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