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Table 1 Yeast strains

From: The yeast mitogen-activated protein kinase Slt2 is involved in the cellular response to genotoxic stress

W303-1a MATa ade2-1 trp1-1 leu2-3,112 his3-11,15 ura3-52 can1 rad5-535
SEY6211 MATa ade2-101 trp1-Δ902 leu2-3,112 his3-Δ200 ura3-52 RAD5
JKM139a MATa ade1-100 trp1-1 leu2-3,112 lys5 ura3-52 trp1::hisG hoΔ hml::ADE1 hmr::ADE1 ade3::GAL-HO RAD5
JCY193 slt2::LEU2 in SEY6211
JCY1038b rad53::HIS3 sml1-1 in W303-1a
JCY1039b mec1::TRP1 sml1::HIS3 in W303-1a
JCY1062 slt2::TRP1 in W303-1a
JCY1144 sml1::kanMX6 in W303-1a
JCY1149 tTR'::LEU2 tetO 7 ::RAD53-kanMX4 in W303-1a
JCY1258 tel1:: kanMX6 in W303-1a
JCY1275 tel1:: kanMX6 in JCY1039
JCY1316 SWE1-HA-kanMX6 in W303-1a
JCY1318 SWE1-HA-kanMX6 in JCY1062
JCY1334 mlp1::kanMX6 in W303-1a
JCY1336 mlp1::kanMX6 in JCY1062
JCY1489 hog1::kanMX4 in W303-1a
JCY1616 hog1::kanMX4 in JCY1062
JCY1632 swe1::kanMX6 in W303-1a
JCY1633 swe1::kanMX6 in JCY1062
JCY1645 GAL1:CDC20-TRP1 in W303-1a
  1. a from Dr. J.E. Haber; from b Dr. J. Torres