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Figure 1

From: Complex effects of flavopiridol on the expression of primary response genes

Figure 1

Effect of FVP on the expression of PRGs and IRGs in BJ-TERT fibroblasts. (A) BJ-TERT fibroblasts were infected with tet-off and dnCDK9 adenviruses (dn) in the presence or absence of tetracyclin (tet) and treated with FVP (F) as indicated. FVP treated cells were infected with control adenoviruses (dn + tet) to eliminate viral transduction as a variable in the comparison to dnCDK9 expressing cells. The expression ratios of FVP (F) or dnCDK9 (dn) vs. control adenoviruses in the presence of tet (dn + tet) were obtained. Hierarchical clustering was performed for PRG-I (top left), PRG-II (top right) and housekeeping genes (bottom) and visualized with Java TreeView. PRG-I group consists of 4 clusters that represent downregulated (cluster 1), upregulated (cluster 2) and early downregulated/later upregulated (cluster 3 and 4) genes. PRG-II group consists of 2 clusters (clusters 1 and 2), which behave similar as clusters 1 and 2 of PRG-I group. (B) Hierarchical clustering of Immediate Response Genes (IRGs) to mitogenic stimuli in BJ-TERT fibroblasts treated with FVP or dnCDK9 (gene arrays are in the same order as in A). A color gradient legend indicated fold changes in expression.

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