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Figure 6 | Cell Division

Figure 6

From: Antiproliferative and cell apoptosis-inducing activities of compounds from Buddleja davidii in Mgc-803 cells

Figure 6

Morphological changes during luteolin and colchicine-induced apoptosis in Mgc-803 cells detected by TUNEL staining. After treatment with colchicine and luteolin at 20 μM, Mgc-803 cells were stained with TUNEL and observed under light microscopy. A: Negative control (without treatment). B, C: Positive control; treatment with VP-16 and HCPT (20 μM) for 24 h. D: Treatment with colchicine (20 μM) for 24 h. E: Treatment with luteolin (20 μM) for 24 h.

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