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Figure 2

From: Emerging players in the initiation of eukaryotic DNA replication

Figure 2

Emerging players in the assembly of pre-initiation complex (pre-IC) and replisome progression complex (RPC). Other than classical factors in pre-IC and RPC (Cdc45, MCM2-7, GINS, RecQ4, TopBP1, and DNA polymerase), a number of novel factors have recently been identified. DUE-B, GEMC1, and Treslin/Ticrr all interact with TopBP1 and Cdc45, and phosphorylation of these three proteins (possibly by S phase CDK) are all required for the TopBP1-dependent activation of Cdc45 on chromatin. MCM10, Ctf4/And-1, and FACT connect MCM2-7 helicase activity with DNA polymerase activity and facilitate replisome progression. In addition, MCM-BP regulates replication-coupled MCM2-7 helicase dissociation from chromatin, whereas MCM8 regulates the chromatin assembly of DNA polymerase. (For simple illustration, only one MCM2-7 complex and related factors are presented here).

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