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Table 1 Evaluation of different combinations of spindle inhibitors and mitomycin for the induction of somatic micronuclei

From: Replication of somatic micronuclei in bovine enucleated oocytes

Spindle inhibitor Mit % Micronucleate cells / total cells Media of micronuclei / cell
DMC 0.05 μg/ml - 10a 7
+ 25.5b 7
DMC 0.1 μg/ml - 6.25a 7
+ 4.25a 8
Col 0.05 μg/ml - 3.75a 6
+ 3.25a 6
  1. Ovarian bovine fibroblasts were blocked in metaphase by incubation with 0.05 or 0.1 μg/ml DMC (Demecolcine); or 0.05 μg/ml Col (Colchicine) for 46 or 48 h. In order to complete mitotic arrest, some cells were then incubated with 2 mg/ml Mit (Mitomycin) for 2 h.
  2. a,b: Values with different superscripts in the same column differ significantly (p≤0.05).