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Table 2 Table showing relationship between cell cycle arrests with some of the known proteasome inhibitors in different cancer types

From: Therapeutic targeting of cancer cell cycle using proteasome inhibitors

Proteasome Inhibitor Cancer Type Cell cycle phase arrest Proteins/ Pathways involved
Bortezomib Colorectal caner [8] G2/M UBE2C, cyclin A and cyclin B1
  Malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM), Breast cancer [51] G2/M p21
CML [42] G2/M Rb, NF-ĸB
Glioblatoma multiforme (GBM) [28] G2/M JNK, Cyclin B, p21, p27, CDK2, CDK4 and E2F4
MG-132 Lung cancer (Calu 6) [46] S ROS generation and GSH depletion
Cervical cancer [55] G2/M ROS generation and GSH depletion
  Gastric cancer [47] G2/M Macroautophagy
Sanggenon C Leukemia [13] G0/G1 p27
Isothiocyanates Multiple myeloma [12] G2/M p53, IĸB, ROS generation
BSc2118 Multiple myeloma [11] G2/M p21, NF-ĸB
Celastrol Cervical cancer [62] G2/M Autophagy and paraptosis