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Figure 3 | Cell Division

Figure 3

From: lemmingA encodes the Apc11 subunit of the APC/C in Drosophila melanogaster that forms a ternary complex with the E2-C type ubiquitin conjugating enzyme, Vihar and Morula/Apc2

Figure 3

Mitotic abnormalities of lmg alleles in orcein stained larval neuroblasts. Wild-type mitotic cells in prometaphase (A), metaphase (B) and anaphase (C). Neuroblast cells from different lmg mutants show prometaphase- or metaphase-like arrest with overcondensed chromosomes and polyploidy (D-K). Chromosome overcondensation could also be observed in anaphase figures (N and O), together with scattered chromosome segregation (L and M). Many cells appear polyploid (G, K and O), and they invariantly have overcondensed chromosomes.

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