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Figure 6

From: lemmingA encodes the Apc11 subunit of the APC/C in Drosophila melanogaster that forms a ternary complex with the E2-C type ubiquitin conjugating enzyme, Vihar and Morula/Apc2

Figure 6

Expression pattern of different lmg gene products. Semi-quantitative RT-PCR was used to monitor the lmg-specific transcripts in total RNA samples from animals at different developmental stages (A). Western blots of total protein extracts from S2 cells transfected with the dicistronic lmgAB construct treated with anti-HA or anti- FLAG monoclonal antibodies (B). Even after overloading the anti-FLAG track, no FLAG-tagged LmgB could be detected. The arrow indicates the predicted molecular weight of LmgB. Bands labeled with asterisks are polypeptides nonspecifically recognized by anti-FLAG and anti-HA antibodies. Ctrl: Total protein extract from non-transfected cells treated with anti-FLAG or anti-HA antibodies.

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