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Figure 3 | Cell Division

Figure 3

From: Cohesin loading factor Nipbl localizes to chromosome axes during mammalian meiotic prophase

Figure 3

Nipbl translocates during pachytene stage in spermatocytes. Immunofluorescence images of chromosome spreads stained with antibodies against Nipbl (green) and other marker proteins. More than 5 nuclei were examined in each stage. DNA was counterstained with DAPI. E, early; M, mid; L, late. Scale bars 10 μm. (A) Anti-γH2AX (red) marks double strand breaks (DSBs). Note that anti-γH2AX highly accumulates at the sex body during the stages shown. (B) Rad51 (red) marks recombination intermediates. (C) Mlh1 (red) marks late recombination nodules.

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