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Figure 1

From: The novel BTB-kelch protein, KBTBD8, is located in the Golgi apparatus and translocates to the spindle apparatus during mitosis

Figure 1

Structure of KBTBD8 protein. A: Comparison of the amino acid sequences of mouse and human KBTBD8 protein including domain structures. Amino acid sequence of mouse and human KBTBD8 protein shows a 95% homology. Both consist of five kelch motifs (orange) at the N-terminal part of the protein. The C-terminal part has a BTB/POZ-domain (purple) followed by a BACK-domain (red). Asterisk (*) indicates positions which have a single, fully conserved residue. Colon (:) indicates conservation between groups of strongly similar properties. Period (.) indicates conservation between groups of weakly similar properties. B: Domain structure of mouse KBTBD8 protein including the depiction of amino acid position.

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