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Figure 4

From: A 2D/3D image analysis system to track fluorescently labeled structures in rod-shaped cells: application to measure spindle pole asymmetry during mitosis

Figure 4

The Rodscule. The inner and outer rod, Σ,Σ, (red) are defined by an inner and an outer ellipse, Γ,Γ, (blue). The 3 points P,Q,R (yellow) define the ellipse and, hence, the Rodscule. M is the barycenter, K 1 and K 2 the centers of the semi-circles of the inner rod, C 1,C 2 the centers of the semi-circles of the outer rod. e 1,e 2,e 3,e 4 and e 1,e 2,e 3,e 4 are the extremal points of the inner and outer ellipse respectively. They define the common points of each ellipse with its corresponding rod, where it is inscribed.

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