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Table 3 Comparison of different protein intensity estimation algorithms

From: A 2D/3D image analysis system to track fluorescently labeled structures in rod-shaped cells: application to measure spindle pole asymmetry during mitosis

  Figure 11 - left Figure11 - middle Figure 11- right
mean error Gauss. fit. 11.5199 10.8913 12.6662
mean error max. int. 81.7386 81.6860 82.5018
mean error roll. ball 6.4447 76.7913 64.9228
std Gauss. fit. 13.8731 14.2601 16.7261
std max. int. 14.1286 14.0699 15.7938
std roll. ball 5.2605 14.0471 15.9506
  1. The table shows the performance of the Gaussian fitting algorithm compared to the rolling ball algorithm as well as to the maximum intensity detection.