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Table 3 Plasmids used in this study

From: Mutually dependent degradation of Ama1p and Cdc20p terminates APC/C ubiquitin ligase activity at the completion of meiotic development in yeast

Mutation Gene Epitope tag Plasmid name Promotor Type References
WT AMA1 1 T7 pKC3036 AMA1 2 μ [12]
CB AMA1 1 T7 pKC3045 AMA1 2 μ [12]
IR AMA1 1 T7 pKC3046 AMA1 2 μ [12]
CB/IR AMA1 1 T7 pKC3048 AMA1 2 μ [12]
Db1 AMA1 1 T7 pKC3126 AMA1 2 μ This study
GxEN AMA1 1 T7 pKC3123 AMA1 2 μ This study
Db1/GXEN AMA1 1 T7 pKC3127 AMA1 2 μ This study
Db1/Db2/GXEN AMA1 1 T7 pKC3129 AMA1 2 μ This study
3HA AMA1 3HA pKC2057 own Int [10]
18Myc CDC20 18Myc pCdc20-myc18 own Int [65]
Codons 1-200 AMA1 GST pKC3113 GAL CEN This study
Codons 1-200 CB AMA1 GST pKC3017 GAL CEN This study
9HA Clb1 3HA pKC427 own CEN [32]
3HA Clb5 3HA pKC440 own   This study
deletion Cdh1 No tag pWS176 own Int. [66]
Cb∆/IR∆ AMA1 no tag pKC3095 T7 - This study
Cb∆/IR∆/GXEN AMA1 no tag pKC3122 T7 - This study
Cb∆/IR∆/GXEN/Db1 AMA1 no tag pKC3124 T7 - This study
Cb∆/IR∆/GXEN/Db1/Db2 AMA1 no tag pKC3148 T7 - This study
9Myc Cdc27 9Myc Cdc27-9Myc own int P. Hieter
WT CDC20 no Tag pME41 T7 - David Morgan
WT UBC4 6HIS 6His-Ubc4 T7 - Mark Solomon
- GST - pEGKT GAL1 * 2 μ [67]
1-200CB GST-AMA1 none pKC3113 GAL1* 2 μ [12]
1-200CB GST-AMA1 none pKC3017 GAL1* 2 μ This study
  1. * CYC1 promoter driven by GAL1 UAS.