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Figure 4 | Cell Division

Figure 4

From: The subunits of the S-phase checkpoint complex Mrc1/Tof1/Csm3: dynamics and interdependence

Figure 4

Alterations in the nuclear behavior of Mrc1 during the process of adaptation. (A-E) MRC1-GFP probes from indicated tome points, taken in the presence of 100 mM HU. (-) Paraformaldehyde fixed and DAPI stained cells, subjected to multichannel fluorescent microscopy, not washed with detergent. (+) TritonX-100 washed and consequently fixed and DAPI stained probes, observed under fluorescent microscope. GFP - Filter set 38HE (Zeiss); DAPI - Filter set 01 (Zeiss); BF – bright field. (F) FACS analysis of the studied time points in 100 mM HU, indicating a shift towards 2C after 4 h and 30 min.

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