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Figure 2

From: Differential distribution of HP1 proteins after trichostatin a treatment influences chromosomal stability in HCT116 and WI-38 cells

Figure 2

Centromeric localization of HP1α and HP1β in WI-38 cells under basal conditions and after TSA treatment. (A) WI-38 cell fluorescent microscopy localization of CENP-A with H3K9me3 (lane 1), HP1α (lane 2-3) and HP1β (lane 4). (B) Chromatin localization by fluorescent microscopy in WI-38 cells after TSA treatment comparing H3K9me3 with HP1α (lane 1) or HP1β (lane 2) H3K9ac with HP1α (lane 3) or HP1β (lane 4), the centromeric localization of HP1α compared with CENP-A (lane 5), and HP1β compared with ACA (lane 6). The DNA is marked with DAPI; the images show the most common distribution of proteins after the analysis of 100 cells (%); the boxes represent a magnification of the immunofluorescence results; M, mitotic cell.

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