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Figure 4

From: Mutations in the PCNA-binding site of CDKN1C inhibit cell proliferation by impairing the entry into S phase

Figure 4

Clonogenic assay of the HEK293T and SW13 cells transfected with IMAGe-mutant show decreased clonogenic capacity compared to BWS or wild-type CDKN1C. After transfection of the wild-type CDKN1C, BWS-mutants (p.L42P), IMAGE-mutant (p.K278E) and an empty vector, single cell suspensions were split into six-well in triplicate to assay for clonogenic capacity. (A) SW13 and (B) HEK293T cells results. # indicates a pā€‰<ā€‰0.05 when compared to the empty-vector condition. *pā€‰=ā€‰<0.05. (C) Representative dishes of SW13 cells transfected as described. Cells were fixed and stained with Crystal violet solution; violet staining represents a higher number of colonies.

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