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Table 1 The sumoylation machinery in S. cerevisiae and mammals

From: Sumo and the cellular stress response

Protein function S. cerevisiae H. sapiens
Sumo Smt3 SUMO-1,-2,-3
E1 activating enzyme Aos1•Uba2 Sae1•Sae2
E2 conjugating enzyme Ubc9 UBC9
E3 ligase Siz1, Siz2, Cst9, Mms21 PIAS1,-2,-3,-4; MZIZ1; NSE2; RanBP2; Pc2; MUL1; TOPORS; HDAC4,-7; TRAF7; FUS; RSUME
Sumo protease Ulp1, Ulp2 SENP1,-2,-3,-4,-5,-6,-7; DESI1,-2; USPL1