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Table 2 Compounds targeting Hippo pathway PTMs regulators

From: New insights into posttranslational modifications of Hippo pathway in carcinogenesis and therapeutics

Target Compounds Function
ILK QLT0267 Activation of the Hippo pathway components MST1 and LATS1 with concomitant inactivation of YAP/TAZ and TEAD-mediated transcription
Itch Clomipramine A clinically useful antidepressant drug. The effects in cancer cells treated with clomipramine included reduction of cell growth, and synergism with gemcitabine or mitomycin in killing cancer cells through autophagy blockade
Nedd4 Heclin Bicyclic peptides, kills HEK293 cells growing in culture
SIAH1/2 BI-107F7 Peptide-mimetics, efficient covalent inhibitors of Siah and antagonize Siah-dependent regulation of Erk and Hif signaling in cell