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Fig. 6

From: Mitochondria-cytoskeleton associations in mammalian cytokinesis

Fig. 6

Model depicting the actin and microtubule-based regulation of mitochondrial distribution during cell division. a Mitochondria in metaphase are evenly dispersed in the cytoplasm. b The association of mitochondria with cytoplasmic F-actin may promote mitochondrial dispersal in metaphase. c During cytokinesis, mitochondria enrich at the cleavage furrow and are depleted from the cell poles. d Equatorial astral microtubules deliver mitochondria to the cleavage furrow. Following delivery on microtubules, mitochondria may dock to actin in the cleavage furrow. RhoA activity promotes mitochondrial localization to the furrow, possibly by triggering formin-mediated actin polymerization. e Miro-1 is required for transporting mitochondria to the plus ends of microtubules at the cleavage furrow, possibly via interaction with KIF5B. f In late cytokinesis, mitochondria begin to re-fuse and are transported away from the furrow towards the cell poles along microtubules in preparation for interphase

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