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Fig. 1

From: The structure and regulation of Cullin 2 based E3 ubiquitin ligases and their biological functions

Fig. 1

Structure of CRL2VHL complex and Nedd8-mediated regulation of CRL2 activity. Cul2 is the scaffold protein that binds to Rbx1, Elongin C and VHL directly. Neddylation on lysine 689 of cullin-2 dissociates Cand1, which allows the Cul2 to bind to Elongin B, C and VHL, facilitates appropriate conformation of Rbx1 and promotes ubiquitination on substrate proteins. Ube2m promotes neddylation of Cul2 and increases CRL2 activity, whereas CSN5 and inhibitor inhibit CRL2 activity. Ub ubiquitin, N Nedd8

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