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Fig. 1 | Cell Division

Fig. 1

From: Insights into APC/C: from cellular function to diseases and therapeutics

Fig. 1

Structure and genetics characteristics of APC/C. a Graphic representation of human (Homo sapiens) APC/C subunits. All domains are signified by colored boxes and full length protein sequences are shown by gray lines. b A schematic illustration of the structure organization of APC/C complex. APC/C complex contains three sub-complexes: the scaffolding platform, the TPR lobe and the catalytic core. The scaffolding platform consists of APC1, APC4 and APC5. The catalytic core consists of APC2 (Cullin family related protein), APC10, APC11 (RING finger protein), Cdc20 or Cdh1 (catalytic coactivators) and substrate. The TPR lobe consists of APC3, APC6, APC8, APC7, APC13, APC16, and Cdc26. The scaffolding platform connects the TPR lobe to the catalytic core

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