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Fig. 2

From: Rpl22 is required for IME1 mRNA translation and meiotic induction in S. cerevisiae

Fig. 2

Rpl22 is required for execution of meiotic nuclear divisions. a Wild type (RSY335) and rpl22Δ double mutant (RSY1561) cultures were grown in rich acetate (YPA) then shifted to sporulation medium (SPM) for 24 h and monitored for the production of bi-nucleated and tetranucleated cells by fluorescence microscopy of DAPI stained cells. b The percent of bi- or tetra-nucleated cells in the population is shown for the strains described in a and rpl22AΔ (RSY1559), rpl22BΔ (RSY1560) rpl28∆ (RSY2003) and rpl39∆ (RSY1997). Error bars equal SEM p values compared to wild type are indicated when significant differences were observed (n ≥ 3)

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