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Fig. 3

From: Rpl22 is required for IME1 mRNA translation and meiotic induction in S. cerevisiae

Fig. 3

Rpl22 is required for meiotic accumulation of Ime1. a Wild type (RSY333) and rpl22Δ (RSY1561) double mutant cells were grown to mid-log phase in YPA and shifted to SPM and samples taken at the times indicated. Total RNA preparations were subjected to Northern blot analysis and probed for the IME1, early (IME2), early–middle (NDT80), and middle (SPS4) meiotic genes as indicated. Ethidium bromide stained rRNA served as the loading control. b Western blot analysis of protein extracts prepared from the same meiotic timecourse described in A was probed for endogenous Ume6. Tub1 levels served as a loading control. c Wild type (RSY1833) and rpl22Δ (RSY1839) double mutant diploids expressing IME1-3HA were subjected to a meiotic timecourse experiment. Protein extracts prepared from the indicated timepoints were probed for the presence of Ime1-3HA. The blots were reprobed for Tub1 which served as a loading control

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