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Fig. 1

From: Multiple molecular interactions redundantly contribute to RB-mediated cell cycle control

Fig. 1

Interaction domains located in the large pocket of pRB and substitutions used in this study. a Linear diagrams of open reading frames for the indicated proteins highlighting the regions that mediate interactions with pRB. pRB can bind E2F1-4 through the transactivation domain in the C-terminus of E2Fs known as the ‘general’ interaction. Alternatively, pRB can also bind the marked box domain of E2F1 through its C-terminal domain, termed the RB-E2F1 ‘specific’ interaction. b Locations of point mutations within the pRB open reading frame used in this study. RBG refers to mutations that disrupt the E2F general interaction, RBS is a mutation that disrupts the E2F1 specific interaction. RBC and RBL both disrupt interactions through the LxCxE binding cleft. All codon numbers correspond to the human sequence. The large pocket domain is amino acids 379–928. c Diagram depicting the cell cycle control mechanisms that can be influenced by the 3 pRB binding surface mutations used in this study

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