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Fig. 2

From: Phasing in on the cell cycle

Fig. 2

Proteins regulating or affecting the cell cycle are involved in cellular phase separations. a Overview of different membraneless organelles (orange). The fold enrichment of cell cycle proteins (GO:0000278) is shown for each organelle for which the protein content was available. T cell signaling (GO:0050852) [40], stress granule [11], nuclear speckle (GO:0016607), RNP granule (GO:0035770), PML body [73], P body (GO:0000932), nuclear pore (GO:0005643) [74], nucleolus [75], centrosome (GO:0005813) [76]. APC granules and purinosomes were positive for cell cycle proteins APC [77] and PPAT [78] respectively. b Examples of cell cycle proteins found in membrane-less organelles which can undergo phase separation (see Table 1). PONDR disorder prediction plots are shown, indicating prevalence of disordered regions in these proteins (score > 0.5). Coiled coil (CC) and low complexity domains (letters indicate overrepresented amino acids) are also indicated. Phosphotyrosine residues necessary for receptor clustering are indicated for LAT

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