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Table 1 Key cell cycle regulators known to be substrates and interacting partners of PRMTs

From: Protein arginine methylation: an emerging regulator of the cell cycle

Protein Interacting PRMT Known methylated residues Result of methylation or PRMT interaction Refs.
BGT2 PRMT1 BGT2 regulates PRMT1 activity in pre-B cells [103]
CDK4 PRMT1 R55, R73, R82, R163 Destabilization of CDK4-cyclin D3 complex leading to pre-B cell differentiation [103]
PRMT5 Interaction of CDK4 and PRMT5 regulates pRb/E2F-mediated transcription [119]
Cyclin D1 PRMT2 Knockdown of PRMT2 correlates with increased cyclin D1 [111]
PRMT5 Increased nuclear PRMT5 correlates with increased cyclin D1 protein levels [121]
E2F1 PRMT1 R109 Assists E2F1-dependent apoptosis during DNA damage [104, 105]
PRMT4 Regulates E2F expression [113]
PRMT5 R111, R113 Promotes cell proliferation [104, 106]
Fanca PRMT5 Regulation of PRMT5-mediated methylation of p53 [131]
p16 PRMT1 R138 Regulates p16 and CDK4 interaction to regulate cell proliferation [107]
PRMT5 Increased nuclear PRMT5 negatively correlates with p16 protein expression and is associated with poor survival [121]
PRMT6 R22, R131, R138 Methylation of p16 reduces binding of p16 with CDK4 [136]
p21 PRMT2 Knockdown of PRMT2 correlates with increased p21 expression [110]
PRMT6 Inhibition allowing cell cycle progression [132]
R156 Increased cytoplasmic localisation of p21, resulting in resistance to doxorubicin [135]
p27 PRMT6 Inhibition allowing cell cycle progression [132]
p53 PRMT5 R333, R335, R337 Affects promoter specificity of p53 and enhances p53-dependent cell cycle arrest [127]
Unknown R213 Mediates p21 activation for cell cycle progression [129]
pRb PRMT2 Repression of E2F transcriptional activity and cell cycle progression by binding to pRb [108]
PRMT4 R775, R787, R798 Decreases binding of pRb to E2F-1 leading to increased cell proliferation [109]