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Table 3 Indirect mediators of the cell cycle known to be substrates and interacting partners of PRMTs

From: Protein arginine methylation: an emerging regulator of the cell cycle

Protein Interacting PRMT Known methylated residues Result of methylation or PRMT interaction Refs.
Androgen receptor PRMT2 Co-activator allowing translocation into the nucleus [152]
PRMT5 Activator of the AR [154]
PRMT10 Knockdown of PRMT10 suppressed cell growth in LNCaP cells [153]
CREB-binding protein PRMT4 R600 Disrupts CREB binding [155]
R742 Regulates transcriptional activation of steroid hormone receptors [156]
Estrogen receptor α PRMT1 R260 Cytoplasmic localisation of ERα prevents phosphorylation of PKB/AKT [148]
PRMT2 Co-activator of ERα, implicated in tumour cell growth [149]
INCENP PRMT1 R887 Enhances binding with inner centromere protein (INCENP) to regulate chromosomal alignment and segregation [147]
MDM4 PRMT5 Alternate splicing of MDM4 activates p53 in response to PRMT5 depletion [172]
p300 PRMT4 R580 Methylation of p300 activates p21 to inhibit cell cycle progression [155]
R754 PRMT4 complexes with p300, BRCA1 and p53 to induce expression of p21 [157]
Sam68 PRMT1 R45, R52, R304, R310, R315, R320, R325 Methylation of Sam68 regulates its localization and reduces its RNA-binding ability [169]
PRMT2 Regulates alternative splicing of Bcl-x [168]
SF2/ASF Unknown R93, R97, R109 Regulates subcellular localization and activity of SF2/ASF [171]
Telomere repeat binding factor 2 PRMT1 R17, R18 Regulates telomere length and stability [146]
Ubiquitin-associated protein 2-like PRMT1 N-terminus region Regulation of chromosome alignment during mitosis [44]