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Fig. 4

From: Eg5 orchestrates porcine oocyte maturational progression by maintaining meiotic organelle arrangement

Fig. 4

Effect of Eg5 inhibition on the actin dynamics in porcine oocytes. a Representative images of actin distribution in control and Eg5-inhibited oocytes. Oocytes were immnunostained with anti-phalloidin-FITC antibody to visualize the actin filaments. Scale bar, 40 μm. b Right graphs show fluorescence intensity profiling of phalloidin in oocytes. Lines were drawn through the oocytes, and pixel intensities were quantified along the lines. c The fluorescence intensity of actin signals was measured in control and Eg5-inhibited oocytes. Data were presented as mean percentage (mean ± SEM) of at least three independent experiments. **p < 0.01

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