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Fig. 1

From: IMP/GTP balance modulates cytoophidium assembly and IMPDH activity

Fig. 1

IMPDH-based cytoophidia in iPSCs respond to GTP levels and proliferation arrest. a iPSCs were labelled with anti-IMPDH2 antibody and EdU. b Cytoophidia disassembled completely in 12 h of 2 mM thymidine treatment. Once thymidine was removed and dCTP was added, cytoophidia reassembled in 12 h. c Quantitative results of conditions in b. d Cytoophidia disassembled when cells were treated with 1 mM guanosine for 4 h. After removal of guanosine, cytoophidia reassembled in 12 h. e With 1 mM GTP supplementation, cytoophidia disassembled in 4 h and reassembled in 4 h after removal of GTP. f Quantitative results of conditions in d and e indicating the proportion of cells with cytoophidium. g Proportion of cells labelled by EdU after 4 h of guanosine or GTP treatment. Mean (± SEM) is presented in c, f and g from at least 200 cells counted for each time point of the treatments in at least two independent experiments

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